S7-E12 {3 Reasons You Need Community to Have an Effective Prayer Life}

The #1 word people googled throughout most of 2020 was…can you guess? Prayer. And we’re not at all surprised.

Could there have been a year that felt as upside down or was filled with as many big emotions as this last one? If ever there was a time to start praying, it was during 2020. We’re glad so many new people are starting to pray, but there’s an important element of prayer that has still been hard to come by…community.

Praying alone, without having to take into consideration the schedules or preferences of other people is MUCH easier, and it certainly isn’t wrong to do this. Often. But there are special benefits that come in community…when we allow ourselves to be bothered, we get blessed as well.

Listen as Erin and Brooke share 3 reasons you need community to have an effective prayer life, and how to get it in the midst of challenging circumstances.

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