#022: The Effects of “Reality Living” and How to Help our Kids Find their Worth in Christ Instead of Clicks

Kids today have more “audience” than they do “relationships.”

But what kind of effect does it have on a young mind when they’re living for the next like? How does having constant access to their peers likes and dislikes, words of encouragement or discouragement, and touched up pictures affect the way our children see and understand themselves? How does a caring parent make decisions about when and whether to allow their children to enter the “reality living” rat race when we often struggle with it ourselves as adults?

Join Brooke and Erin as they chat again this week with counselor Sissy Goff, author of Raising Worry-Free Girls: Helping Your Daughter Feel Braver, Stronger, and Smarter in an Anxious World.

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Raising Worry-Free Girls: Helping Your Daughter Feel Braver, Stronger, and Smarter in an Anxious World

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