Purity Before Marriage: What Does the Bible Really Say?

I am a child of the 90s, and I vividly remember going to a True Love Waits rally where the speaker held up beautiful rose and slowly began tearing its petals off one by one until there was nothing but an ugly stump left. Of course, this was meant to illustrate what happens to our hearts when we choose to give ourselves away over and over before marriage, but there was always something about that image that didn’t sit well with me.

Why? Because it completely leaves out God’s ability to redeem and restore things that are dead.

Many people who were influenced by this message have come forward saying it hurt them more than it helped them. Because of that, I wanted to take a deep look at how it has affected us as women, and what the true message of the Bible is about purity…so we can teach our children what’s true and good, and so that we can find healing if we need it.

Join me and my special guest, Francie Winslow, as we talk about:

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The good and bad things that came from the purity movement of the 90s.
  • What the Bible actually says about purity.
  • The biggest hurts and challenges women of the 90s face related to the purity movement.
  • How to find healing and move forward with hope.
  • How to pray for our children as it relates to their purity.


Tune in below!

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