Mom, Don’t Forget to Pray for Yourself

Most of what we offer at Million Praying Moms help you learn to pray for your children. It’s why you’re here. Your big heart longs to do everything possible to cover them, praying for them in the areas they need it most. But in the midst of praying for your children, don’t forget to pray for yourself, too.

You need God’s power at work in your heart just as much as your children do.

If you’ve ever gone to bed at night upset that you weren’t the kind of mom you wanted to be that day, our Everyday Prayers library is perfect for you. We’re praying our way through the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5, asking the Lord to fill us up with Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control. And we even have a prayer guide for school year (regardless of how you educate).

Choose the devotional prayer guide that meets the needs of your heart and home right now, and begin the process of inviting God to make you look more like Him.

With Devotions and Prayers to Help You:

* Understand what patience really is, and why you can have it no matter what.

* Apply that understanding to key situations that threaten to make you lose your patience.

* Have a practical approach to trusting God even when you can’t see Him at work.

* Get to the root of your impatience.

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With Devotions and Prayers to Help You:

* Understand the meaning of true, biblical peace.

* Begin experiencing peace in ALL circumstances (yes ALL). 

* Have a practical approach to peace right in the midst of trying circumstances.

* Get to the root of your lack of peace.

* Learn to step off the roller coaster of emotions.

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With Devotions and Prayers For:

* Finding joy in the unknowns.

* Lamenting (or dealing with life when you’re not thrilled with it).

* Learning to find joy in Jesus, rather than your circumstances.

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With Devotions and Prayers For:

* The Right Friendships
* Relationship with Teachers
* Success in Classes
* Growing & Using Their Gifts
* Developing Personal Character

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With Scripture-Inspired Prayers For:

Purity, bath time, cleaning up, morning snuggles, administering discipline, when you disagree, school, managing your schedules, making wise choices, wisdom, service to the Lord, godly direction, specific times of the day, and so many more! The Million Praying Moms Everyday Prayers collection is like having a library of prayers for the every day moments of your life as a mom at your fingertips. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. Grab your copy today!

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