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The podcast for moms who want to pray God’s Word for their children, in the areas they need it most.

Join author and speaker, Brooke McGlothlin, in making prayer the first and best response to the challenges of motherhood.

  • How can I make sure my child’s identity is rooted in Christ?
  • How do I help my child deal with anxiety?
  • Why is prayer important to my parenting?
  • Is there a correct way to parenting adult children?
  • What if my child is angry all the time?
  • How can I ask for God’s blessing on my blended family?

Brooke and her guests answer questions like these, giving Christian parents a biblical foundation AND the tools to pray God’s Word over the challenges they face.

I am so glad I stumbled across this podcast! The weight of this world is getting heavier and heavier and it’s often overwhelmed having two littles, knowing the world they are growing up in. Thank you for helping us know how and what to pray.

Two Little Loves

Million Praying Moms Podcast Listener

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Million Praying Moms equips moms to make prayer a practical priority so they can stop feeling helpless, and be filled instead with holy purpose! Each month on the podcast, Brooke McGlothlin, tackles a new challenge our children face with her special guests, and teaches us how to pray God’s Word over these issues. As a Patron of the show, you receive a digital monthly Prayer Guide that includes biblical teaching + journaling pages that corresponds with that month’s podcast topic.

For Example:

Praying God’s Word for Your Child to Find Their Purpose

Praying God’s Word for Your Adult Children

Praying God’s Word for Your Child’s Identity in Christ 

Praying for Your Child to Have Wisdom

Praying God’s Word for Your Child to Mature in Christ

Praying God’s Word for Your Child to Launch Well

Fabulous podcast! Biblical content that is relevant to me today. I’m not a mom but a dad and I found this to be helpful and encouraging!! Thank you!

Tukey Bird

Million Praying Moms Podcast Listener

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Love listening and I am encouraged with each podcast! Thank you for doing what you do.

-Barrel Boy Mom

Listening to this podcast has become the best part of my day!

-Mom of 3JCE

I love your time and talent to make prayer a parents first response. It is such a good reminder for those of us who get wrapped up in doing it all on our own. I love the guests you have on and the topics you discuss. Thank you for sharing.


This is a great resource for parents on how to address real issues we are experiencing now with our children.


I’m so thankful for this down to earth, extremely practical and relevant podcast for moms who love Jesus and want to raise our kids in a way that pleases Him!


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