Praying Mom: Making Prayer the First and Best Response to Motherhood



Do you struggle with prayer?

Have you always wanted to be a praying mom, but just find that talking to God on behalf of your children doesn’t come naturally?

Maybe you want to be intentional, and purposeful in your prayers, but have a hard time finding the time to get beyond, “Lord, keep them safe…”

Have you given up on prayer because it doesn’t seem like God hears yours?

Do you hesitate in prayer because you aren’t sure God wants to talk to a person with a past like yours?

If this is you, I’ve got you, friend. That’s exactly why I wrote Praying Mom. Inside of this friendly, “let’s sit down for coffee” kind of book I walk you through some of the major reasons moms struggle with prayer, and give you the tools to put one foot in front of the other.

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