Brooke’s Favorite Books on Prayer

A little quiz for you. Tell me your answers in the comments?

A). Prayer is simple.

B). Prayer is complicated.

C). Both A and B

D). None of the above.

Personally, I believe C is the correct answer. In its simplest form, prayer is just talking to God. That’s it. Partnering with God in life. Asking Him to order your steps. Submitting your needs to Him. Knowing you need His wisdom. That doesn’t seem so hard, does it? No, but reality can look a little different. I find that most Christians have so many questions about prayer. What should be simple, often isn’t. In fact, theologians and Bible scholars who are way smarter than me even admit that there seems to be a mystery to prayer. If they think it’s complicated, why shouldn’t we?

I shared on social media last week that my one word for 2022 is “pray.” Just pray (more). It’s a sure call I have from the Lord to go deeper in prayer each year. It isn’t a new word for me…in fact, it’s what I’ve felt the Lord calling me to every year for several years now. Pray (more). Go deeper. Learn more about this relationship God offers me. If you’re in the same place, or just feel curious about prayer and want to learn more, here are some of my favorite books on the subject.

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Brooke’s Favorite Books on Prayer

A Praying Life

By Paul Miller, A Praying Life is hands down my all-time favorite book on prayer. Paul has a powerful way of teaching on this subject that is deeply profound, yet simple to understand. I’ve probably read this book five times and each time I gain something new from it.


By Tim Keller, Prayer is deeper and longer. There are a lot of “wow” moments in this book, which is kind of in keeping with the wordsmith ways of Tim Keller. I found it especially helpful in 2020 as I struggled to understand what God was doing, and why He was allowing certain things. If you want to understand how to go deeper in your awe of and intimacy with God, this is your book.

The Autobiography of George Mueller

This is a book I read probably once a year. It isn’t really about prayer, exactly, but about the power of prayer and asking God for everything we need. Of all the books on this list, The Autobiography of George Mueller probably taught me more about prayer, and my faith in general, than any other. My copy is old, worn out, and underlined. Yours will be too.

Threadbare Prayer

By Stacey Thacker, Threadbare Prayer is a collection of prayers for the hurting heart. When you feel like God is asking too much of you, or that you just don’t have the strength to put one foot in front of the other, you’ll find the words you need to cry out to God in the pages of this book. 

The Prayer of the Lord

By RC Sproul, The Prayer of the Lord was of great use to me in 2020 when I did a deep dive study of The Lord’s Prayer. It’s very short, theologically rich, and will cause you to see this popular prayer of the Church in a whole new light. Add Elisabeth Elliott’s talk on the Lord’s Prayer and you’ll be undone.

21 Days of Transforming Prayer

By Daniel Henderson, my church has gone through 21 Days of Transforming Prayer two years in a row now. This is a short book that offers audio prayers to go with each day, but don’t underestimate it. There’s some great basic information in there that matches the way we teach women to pray at Million Praying Moms, focused on scripture. Perfect for believers of any maturity. 

Praying Mom: Making Prayer the First and Best Response to Motherhood

I had to include my own book, right? Inside of Praying Mom you’ll find the help you need to overcoming whatever is holding you back from the kind of prayer life you want. I explore 7 challenges that are common to moms (and really, common to the Church) and do the heavy lifting of apply God’s Word on the heart level. We get below the surface and do the hard work. It also includes a prayer library for today’s Christian mom, so if you need help getting started, you’ll have everything you need.

Everyday Prayers for Joy

By Gina Smith, Everyday Prayers for Joy is a 30-day prayer journal/devotional for women (not just moms) that explores what true, biblical joy really is, and leads you on a journey of prayer, and seeking God’s face for more of it in your own life. Formatted with our community favorite daily page style—Think, Pray, Praise—with a devotion to help you go deeper each day, you’re going to love this power-packed little book.

Everyday Prayers for All Ages & Stages

By the Million Praying Moms Team, Everyday Prayers for All Ages & Stages is a collection of prayers broken down into the different ages and stages of your children’s lives. Inside, we lead you in intentionally inviting God into the everyday, mundane moments of motherhood, like Purity, Bath Time, Cleaning Up, Morning Snuggles, Administering Discipline, When You Disagree, School, Managing Your Schedules, Making Wise Choices, Wisdom, Service to the Lord, Godly Direction, Specific times of the day, and so many more!

Praying for Boys

My very first book, Praying for Boys explores twenty-one areas where boys tend to need prayer the most. It’s great for topical, personal study, or to do in a prayer group!

Praying for Girls

By Teri Lynne Underwood, Praying for Girls covers five vital areas of a girl’s life–her identity, heart, mind, relationships, and purpose–this easy-to-use book is ideal for anyone who feels intimidated or uncertain about what to pray for the girl they love.

Classes and Courses on Prayer

At Million Praying Moms, we offer classes and courses on the topic of prayer that are designed to help answer your questions and make you think outside of the box. You can check out our classes by clicking here, and our courses by clicking here.

What did we miss? Add your favorite books on prayer to the comments so we can all benefit!




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