5 Poem Prayers for Young Children

Helping your children develop a heart for prayer is something Christian parents long to do, but it can seem to be a daunting task. Teaching a child to pray begins with recognizing the purpose of prayer.

Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. When we realize that prayer is really just talking to God, then teaching a child to pray is encouragingly simple.

Many of us recognize the start of a new school year is a great time to form fresh habits. In some ways, prayer is a discipline because we must intentionally choose to pray. Being purposeful to pray requires making the decision to do so. The following 5 prayers to pray with your kids in the new school year will help you foster simple, authentic conversations with the Lord. Choose one for each day of the week to cultivate a new prayer life in your child!

A Prayer to Love God More

Dear God, thank you for your love for me; All your mercy may I see. Help me love you more each day; Help me live and walk your way. Amen

A Prayer When I’m Feeling Scared

Lord, help me not to be afraid. I know that all things you have made. May I remember you’re right here; With you, I do not need to fear! Amen

A Prayer of Thanks

Dear Father, I thank you for all you provide; Thank you, too, for how you guide. I’m thankful for your love and grace; And grateful for this time and place. Amen

A Bedtime Prayer

Dear God, it’s time for bed once more; I want to say, “It’s you I adore.” I’m resting in your loving sight; Please watch over me tonight. Amen

A Prayer When I’m Feeling Angry

Lord Jesus, right now, I’m feeling mad; My temper’s flaring and it’s bad. I want your peace to flood my heart; Forgive me, Lord; give me a fresh start. Amen

My prayer is that the simple prayers above help you feel empowered to teach your child to pray. For help knowing what to pray for your child, download the first chapter of Everyday Prayers for the School Year absolutely free!

What method have you been using to teach your child to pray? I’d love to read your ideas in the comments!

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RACHEL WOJO is the author of One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up and 31 Days of Prayers for your Heart. In addition, she has written over 20 Bible reading plans and hosted Bible reading challenges for over a decade on her popular blog, rachelwojo.com. As parents to 6 children on earth and 2 in heaven, Rachel and her husband enjoy their family in Columbus, OH.

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