{Bits of Brooke} 1/6/22

One morning this week, after a trying night, I woke up with a sure sense of my calling in 2022. It’s simple. And it’s the same thing God has been calling me to for many years (God doesn’t always do a “new” thing in a new year. Sometimes He presses in and takes us deeper with an established thing).

Pray (more).

That’s it. Pray more.

The longer I am a woman of prayer, the more I believe that prayer is the answer to almost everything we face.

Something bad happen? I can pray.
Unsettled relationship? I can pray.
Difficult child? I can pray.
Financial struggles? I can pray.
Church issues? I can pray.
World upside down? I can pray.
Diagnosis? I can pray.

And prayer isn’t just reserved for when we’re in need. The kind of prayer life God offers His children is for every season, good or bad. There’s never a time that I don’t need His wisdom, His truth, His leading, His voice, and because I do, I will pray.

I’m biased, but I believe every believer’s word for 2022 should be “pray,” (more). If you agree, purchase your copy of this beautiful new prayer journal and make plans to join us in a deep dive into praying for joy. Believe me, the process of prayer will be just as powerful as what we’re praying for.

💚 Brooke McGlothlin

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