What’s Coming in May

HAPPY MAY! There’s SO much good stuff happening at Million Praying Moms this month that we decided to organize it all for you on ONE image!

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Mark Your Calendars For…

New Podcast Episodes

These include Prayer Tips with Brooke McGlothlin, Prayer Mentoring Mondays with Gina Smith, and the flagship MPM Podcast with Brooke and Erin Mohring! Look for the 🎙 symbol on the image above to see upcoming episode titles and mark your calendar so you know when to listen!

Make SURE you tune in to the flagship MPM podcast on May 4 for a BIG announcement for our MPM family!


Read What Matters

Beginning in May, we’re launching our Read What Matters program! Erin and Brooke will pick 1-2 books a month to highlight and review (live on IG) so you can know where to put your focus.

We know moms have a limited amount of time to spend reading, and yet reading is one of the best ways we learn to be the moms we want to be! By tuning in to the MPM Read What Matters program, we’ll take the guesswork out of what to read when. We’ll reveal the first book in this series within the next week or so, but mark your calendar for May 12 at Noon EST and plan to join us live on the Million Praying Moms Instagram account for our official review of book #1!

Publishers and authors can visit this link to learn more about this new feature!


Inner Circle?

Q & A with B & E? What’s that? Well, that’s part of what we can’t wait to share with you on the podcast May 4! Plan now to tune in that day so you can take part!

And let’s not forget Mother’s Day, May 9.


We’re looking forward to a beautiful Spring with our Million Praying Moms family (hint, that’s YOU)!

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