Praying through the Book of James

For the past several weeks, I’ve been praying specifically for my boys to grow in wisdom and maturity.
I know this echoes the prayers of many of your hearts for your own children, so as I prayed about what book of the Bible our Patreon family should study and pray through next, I was pretty immediately drawn to the book of James. The major themes of James, who was the brother of Jesus, are wisdom, faith, moral and ethical conduct. James isn’t considered a part of the official “wisdom literature” books of the Bible, but it has wonderful information about sound Christian living that I want to help my children apply to their lives (and to my own).

For the month of June, our Patreon family will be praying through the book of James.

Each day, we’ll come to the book of James, with the prayer calendar as our guide, and ask God to accomplish things like steadfastness, wisdom, purity, and more, in the hearts of our families. Molly Cash, our prayer coordinator, has picked the verses to theme our prayers. Here’s a sneak peak at the beautifully designed prayer calendar (thank you, Wendi Humes!). 
I’m truly excited about spending this time praying God’s Word for my family. Recently, my children and I have decided to go, “back-to-the-basics,” and study again through the foundations of the Christian life…the basics of wise Christian living.

The book of James seems to be the perfect fit.​​​​​​​​

Last month, as we prayed through the Proverbs, I decided to print out the prayer calendar, along with a copy of our digital blank prayer journal, My Book of Prayers. My BOP is a substantial document, with lots of room for writing and journaling. If you print it out, and put it in a 3-ring binder, you’ll have space to journal your way through the next several months of prayer calendars. Here’s what mine looks like:

You can see that I’ve used a hole punch to get the pages ready for my 3-ring binder, and I have the prayer calendar printed out, and placed at the very front of the binder so I can refer to it easily throughout the month. One of my main goals for this prayer journal was to give you LOTS of writing space, and I think we achieved that. You can easily print it out on your home printer (like I did here), or take it to a print shop for a slightly higher quality print. It’s really up to you!


Because I personally enjoyed using My BOP + the prayer calendar together so much, I’ve decided to make it a permanent part of the membership! When you join our Patreon family to get your prayer journal (just $5 a month gets you a new prayer calendar each month), I’ll throw in a digital copy of My Book of Prayers, free. Actually, now is a great time to join, because you can get one month’s prayer calendar free when you pay annually! So, you have two amazing deals on the table. Join Patreon this month and get your June prayer calendar + a free digital download of My Book of Prayers, OR join Patreon for the entire year and get the prayer calendar + the prayer journal + one month FREE! It’s kind of a win/win! You’ll see both options when you click the button below. Just choose the one that’s right for you and your family!
Of course, if you’d rather get My Book of Prayers outside of the Patreon community, you can. Just click this link and download it right away (but it’s really a better deal to get it with the prayer calendar you get by joining our Patreon family)!

Why Join the Patreon Family?

1. Your monthly support makes the Million Praying Moms podcast possible. Right now we’re trying to raise enough support to increase the number of podcast episodes we’re able to produce per year, so that we can reach more moms with the message that prayer can be their first and best response to the challenges of parenting.
2. Joining on ANY level (there are three to choose from) gets you a scripture-inspired prayer calendar each month, my new topical prayer guides, access to a live prayer meeting each month, and other perks, as I offer them, like the free digital copy of My Book of Prayers.
3. Certain levels get to vote on podcast topics, new products, and more. If you want to have a voice in the direction we take as a ministry, this is the way.

I hope you’ll join my family this June as we dive into James!

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