Praying through the Psalms, Part 1

I have prayed through the Psalms before. Several years ago, I took three months and prayed through the entire book of Psalms. It was absolutely perfect timing for me, because my family lost a family member during that time, and the Psalms offered me the perfect combination of comfort and real, gut-wrenching prayers. The Psalms remind us of Who God is, and give our hearts strength to keep believing when it seems like the world is falling apart.
And if all is well in our worlds, the Psalms prepare us for when it isn’t. 

In the month of August, we will begin the challenge to pray through the book of Psalms.


You may know that the book of Psalms is long. So long, in fact, that it is traditionally broken into five sections: chapters 1-41, 42-72, 73-89, 90-106, and 107-150. When I prayed my way through this book a few years ago, I had broken it into a three month process, and while I loved it, I don’t think getting through it that fast gave me a thorough deep dive into its treasures. That’s why we’ve decided that this Pray the Word Challenge will be broken into five parts, beginning in August with chapters 1-41, and with the other traditional sections following in the coming months.

Molly Cash, our prayer coordinator, has outdone herself with our prayer calendar for this. She wanted to try to get something from most of the 41 verses onto our calendar, but knowing that they are traditionally only 25 days long, knew it couldn’t be one verse per day. SO, she cross-referenced verses in the first 41 chapters and some of our prayers for this calendar come from more than one verse. It’s really cool, and offers you a small Bible study each day if you have the time. I think you’re going to love it. Here’s a sneak peak at the beautifully designed prayer calendar (thank you, Wendi Humes!). 
Several months ago, on a whim, I decided to print out the prayer calendar, along with a copy of our digital blank prayer journal, My Book of Prayers. My BOP is a substantial document, with lots of room for writing and journaling. If you print it out, and put it in a 3-ring binder, you’ll have space to journal your way through the next several months of prayer calendars, or, all of the Psalms.

Here’s what mine looks like:

You can see that I’ve used a hole punch to get the pages ready for my 3-ring binder, and I have the prayer calendar printed out, and placed at the very front of the binder so I can refer to it easily throughout the month. One of my main goals for this prayer journal was to give you LOTS of writing space, and I think we achieved that. You can easily print it out on your home printer (like I did here), or take it to a print shop for a slightly higher quality print. It’s really up to you!


Because I personally enjoyed using My BOP + the prayer calendar together so much, it’s now a permanent part of the Pray the Word Challenge! When you take the challenge, I’ll throw in a digital copy of My Book of Prayers, free. Actually, now is a great time to join, because you can get one month’s prayer calendar free when you pay annually! So, you have two amazing deals on the table. Take the Prayer the Word Challenge this month and get your Psalms prayer calendar + a free digital download of My Book of Prayers, OR go ahead and join the challenge for the entire year and get access to all of the prayer calendars we have so far in the challenge + the prayer journal + one month FREE! It’s kind of a win/win! You’ll see both options when you click the button below. Just choose the one that’s right for you and your family!
Of course, if you’d rather get My Book of Prayers outside of the Pray the Word Challenge, you can. Just click this link and download it right away (but it’s really a better deal to get it with the prayer calendar you get by joining the challenge)!

Why Take the Challenge?

  1. There is no substitute for praying God’s Word. It’s one of the most effective ways to grow in your relationship with Christ while asking Him to move in the hearts of your family.
  2. Our Pray the Word Challenge is built inside of Patreon. When you join the challenge, your resources for the challenge + many other amazing resources will automatically be available in your Patreon dashboard. You get a literal library of prayer resources built just for today’s busy praying mom.
  3. Your support makes it possible for Million Praying Moms to produce our podcast, and this allows us to reach more moms with the truth that prayer is not a last resort, but the first and best response to the challenges of motherhood. You make it possible for us to give moms hope, while receiving it yourself. What could be better?

I hope you’ll join my family as we take the challenge to pray through the Psalms!

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