Praying for Your Child to Mature in Christ


Maturing in their faith is the second item on every parent’s prayer list for their child, second only to salvation.

When my children were little, I often found myself wishing away the time, longing for the day when their faith would match mine, and their eyes would be open to see what I could see. It isn’t wrong to want our children to have our perspective, but I had forgotten how long it took me to get there myself! I didn’t understand everything there is to know about God when I was four, or fourteen, twenty-four, or even forty-four. In fact, I’ll leave this world with an incomplete picture of who God is.

So will you. So will our children.

And while we can be sure that the goal really is to grow and mature in Christ, each of us will do it at a different pace. We might not be able to control the pace of the journey God has our children on, but we can pray and ask Him to keep it moving toward Him. Join me today as we pray God’s powerful Word back to Him on behalf of our children using 30 key verses and passages that speak to maturing in Christ. God’s Word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12) and won’t return void. It will do exactly what God wants it to do in the hearts of our children (Isaiah 55:11). Pray it confidently, and be filled with faith in the God Who is able to mold your children into the men and women He’s called them to be.

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