{Bits of Brooke} 1/27/22

The #1 question I get asked when I’m interviewed about my passion for prayer and its place in my parenting, is, “What are some prayers God has answered for your family since you became a praying moms?”

This is hard, because the truth is that there have probably been more unanswered prayers than answered. And the other truth is that God has done more to work in ME than anyone else through my prayers…even if I didn’t plan it that way.

This world wants results. Yesterday. And that’s just not how prayer works. It’s not how God works. He isn’t bound to my timetable, my desires, or my kingdom. He’s bound to His.

But if I tell you that, you’ll think prayer doesn’t work, and it does…just maybe not the way you think it should.

I’ll admit that I sometimes wonder if I’m making a difference with all this praying. Actually, that’s something I wondered more when they were little, less so now. Because while my boys are far from perfect, I am beginning to see the fruit of my prayers in their lives. And I know this proactive stance of prayer for them is for the long game.

It isn’t unreasonable to think that some of my prayers may find answers when they’re adults. And while I don’t like it (not one bit) it’s true that I might not live to see some of the answers to my fervent prayers on their behalf.

That’s why the praying life is a life of trust.

Questions? Yes. Fears? Sometimes. Frustrations? Absolutely. Wishing I could see the big picture? No doubt. KNOWING in my knower that I can trust the God Who does? Priceless.

Peace. Power. Persistence. Patience.

This is prayer.

Stick with the program, friends. Keep praying…even and especially if you can’t see the answers. What you gain in the waiting is worth it.

💚 Brooke McGlothlin

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