Join the 30 Days of Joy Prayer Club!

Here’s what I know about prayer:

Individual time spent praying and in active relationship with God is vital.
Time spent praying together with friends who are like-minded and have a common goal helps to start a new habit.
Both done together, over the space of about 30 days, could just be life-changing!

Introducing the 30 Days of Joy Prayer Club!

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Beginning March 1 (and ending March 30th) you’re invited to join the Million Praying Moms Community in a prayer journaling study of true, biblical joy. Together, we’ll work our way through Everyday Prayers for Joy, our newest prayer journal, and spend 30 days devoted to prayer and growing in God’s definition of the joyful life! Join with like-minded moms as Everyday Prayers for Joy author, Gina Smith, leads you in this prayer journaling experience that might just change the way you think about the importance of prayer!

A Note on the Name of the Group

Yes, I know calling it a Prayer Club is a little odd, but calling this a “Book Club” doesn’t seem to fit. Everyday Prayers for Joy isn’t just a book, it’s a prayer journal. Calling it a “Prayer Group” didn’t feel quite right either, because, well, we’re using a book. So we merged the two names together and birthed a new name! Prayer Club! It’s our hope that the Prayer Club becomes a regular MPM feature!

How to Sign Up for Prayer Club


  1. Fill out the form below with your name and email address. You’ll receive a welcome email right away with all of the details you’ll need.
  2. Order your copy of Everyday Prayers for Joy.
  3. Join the Facebook group where we’re hosting Prayer Club. There will be a link in the welcome email, so look for that.


That’s it! We can’t wait to get started and see how God moves as we spend 30 days intentionally seeking after and praying for more joy! Get signed up below, now!

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