{Praying Mom Live} The Role of a Healthy Prayer Life on Marriage

Welcome to Praying Mom Live, the newest feature of Million Praying Moms!

Can I tell you a little about it?
I’ve been feeling led for a few months now to partner with other women in the Christian world to bring you gospel-centered voices that blend with mine, but touch on subjects that are out of my realm of experience. After some chatting and prayer, I decided to call it “Praying Mom Live,” or PMLive, after my latest book, Praying Mom. Over the summer, I brought you 15-20 interviews of REAL moms with REAL issues who have fought to have REAL prayer lives. It was meant to help you see yourself in and through them, and be encouraged that anyone can be a praying mom. I’m happy to continue those messages through PMLive (#PMLive on social media).

A few things to note:

PMLive will only run in-between regular MPM podcast seasons. I’m taking the month of February off from the podcast, so we will have four episodes of PMLive on the Million Praying Moms Instagram account this month! Today, our special guest is Lisa Jacobson. Lisa is the mother of 8 children, and co-author of The Flirtation Experiment. She’s also the heart behind the the ministry, Club 31 Women, where she leads women in developing a stronger faith, closer relationships with their husband and children, and a peaceful home.
I asked Lisa to join me on today’s show for a few different reasons.
1. I was intrigued by the book. I have a strong marriage, but the idea of actively pursuing my husband the way Lisa and Phylicia define in The Flirtation Experiment is appealing to me.
2. I’ve enjoyed Lisa’s heart for women over the years. She wants you to know Jesus.
3. I believe there’s a direct link between the state of our marriages and the way we parent our kids, and I believe prayer plays an important role in both. This specific topic is what we’re digging into today! I hope you’ll join us!

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