Why Should We Pray? {Part 1}

In the aftermath of the school shooting at Uvalde, Texas, I saw many memes on social media that questioned the power of prayer. Some went as far as to say, “Why don’t the Christians stop praying and do something?” Maybe you saw them, too, and wondered if they were right.

When tragedy strikes, should prayer still be our first and best response? Should we take action instead? Take action first? 

We know from the story of Joshua that he was a man of action. We also know from reading the book of Joshua that he had a strong relationship with God and sought God’s wisdom. However, in Joshua nine, in the matter of the Gibeonites, he forgets to ask God for guidance. Instead, Joshua takes action first. The Bible says, “Then the men of Isreal took some of their [the Gibeonites] provisions, but did not seek the LORD’s decision. So Joshua established peace with them and made a treaty to let them live, and the leaders of the community swore an oath to them” (9:14-15, CSB). 

Just a few verses later, Joshua and the people find out that the Gibeonites did not travel from far away but were one of the people that they were supposed to destroy. However, they couldn’t go back on their oaths. 

This was just one of the many examples in the Bible where God’s people didn’t seek his wisdom in prayer and made unwise choices. 

On the other hand, there are many examples in the Bible of men and women of God spending time in prayer before taking action. Esther prayed and fasted before she approached the king (Esther 4:13-17). Daniel prayed regularly and was a counselor to three different kings (Daniel 1-6). Jesus prayed before choosing the disciples and before he went to the cross (Luke 6:12-16, 22:39-45). 

If the Bible gives us so many examples of prayer before the next action, even God’s own Son, we need to pay attention. We need to remember that prayer IS action. It is partnering with and petitioning the God of the Universe to act on mankind’s behalf. Prayer also precedes the next physical step of faith. Prayer is not the absence of action. Wise actions are anchored in prayer.

Beginning on October 3rd, we will begin our next gathering of Prayer Club, called Just Go in Their Rooms.

For 30 days, we’re going to pray through our newest prayer journal, Everyday Prayers for the School Year, together, checking in daily in a special Facebook group just for like-minded praying moms. What makes this Prayer Club special is that we’re encouraging you to go into your child’s room to pray each day. There’s just something so special about laying hands on their bed, or chair, or even gaming console, as you ask God to lead and protect them.

How to Sign Up for Prayer Club


  1. Order your copy of Everyday Prayers for the School Year.
  2. Fill out this form. You’ll receive a welcome email next week giving you all the details you need, and access to the Facebook group where we’ll host Prayer Club. Leading up to Prayer Club, the week of 9/26/22, you’ll receive the Prayer Journaling Jumpstart email series. It’s designed to prep you for the 30 days of prayer to come, giving you tips and encouragement for starting a prayer journaling habit. Don’t forget to fill out the form. It’s the only way we have to know you’re signed up, and contact you with details!

That’s it! We can’t wait to get started and see how God moves as we spend 30 days intentionally praying for our children!

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