What Can Prayer Do?

What does prayer do in YOUR life? 
A few weeks ago, my friend Stacey Thacker asked me to share a few things that having a vibrant prayer life has done in MY life. It was an interesting question, because I more frequently get asked to share answers to my prayers for other people. People want to know what prayer has accomplished for the people I’ve prayed for. They want me to prove that prayer really works by telling them the results God has gotten as I’ve prayed.
Stacey asked what it has done for ME. 
When she asked me that, I knew we’d hit on something, because if I’m honest, what prayer actually has done for ME was a surprise. I didn’t start praying because I wanted God to accomplish something in ME. I started praying because I wanted Him to change my circumstances…most notably my children 😉 But the change is clear. I’m not the same person I was when I started praying Ezekiel 36:26 almost 17 years ago. God has gotten results in ME over and over, and they have been nothing short of miraculous.
The cool thing about it is that God offers you the same kind of results. 
They’ll be personal to you, but there’s nothing special about me that He won’t also do in you. Join me in this special class where I inspire you to believe that God can be active in your life, and that prayer really does change things…starting with you.
When you purchase What Can Prayer Do? you get a bonus digital blank prayer journal (My Book of Prayers) to keep notes, and track what God is teaching you. 
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There are 3 ways to purchase this class. Pick the one that works best for you!

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