{S10-E1} New Season Welcome! Getting to the Root of Joylessness

Doesn’t joy, at least for the Christian, go beyond Christmas?

In fact, it does, but between you and me, I think most of us get joy terribly wrong. We look for a feeling, a circumstance, or certain personality type to bring us joy, when God says true, biblical joy is something entirely different.

In this new season of the Million Praying Moms podcast, I’m going to walk you through a deep look at the heart-level issues that rob us of our joy with my special guest, Gina Smith, author of Everyday Prayers for Joy, our newest prayer journal (order now!). We’ll take a look at what the Bible has to say about the root of joylessness, and get practical about how to take the joy God freely offers.

Listen to the season welcome!

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Gina’s Blog

Everyday Prayers for Joy Prayer Journal

The Entire Joy Season

Root #1: A Misunderstanding of True, Biblical Joy

Root #2: Choosing Good over God

Root #3: Not Dealing with Distractions

Listen to Gina Read a Devotion from our New Prayer Journal!

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What is Joy?

We can receive fleeting moments of it when we watch sunlight break through the clouds, or see a little child laugh as he blows apart the fluff of a spent dandelion. But there is only one source of true, lasting joy—and that’s our Savior, Jesus.

Everyday Prayers for Joy is a thirty-day journey through God’s Word that will help you discover the joy that God wants to share with you. He is with you always and can work out all things for good. Fill yourself to overflowing with God’s joy!

Click here to get your copy now!


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