{Root of Weariness #1} Misunderstanding the Role of Motherhood

One of the things I personally struggled most with as a young mom, was a lack of understanding about the role of motherhood in my own life.

I knew who I wanted to be for my children, and I knew what my end goal was for their lives (salvation, following hard after Jesus, etc), but somehow I forgot that motherhood is about more than just “raising little people to become thriving, Jesus-loving adults. Motherhood is also about God making me into His faithful daughter” (Stacey Thacker). When the challenges came (and they did) I saw them as a burden, proof that I couldn’t be a good mom, and allowed them to make me mad at God for allowing them in the first place. It’s ugly, I know, but it’s the truth, and the truth was that this misunderstanding caused me weariness it didn’t have to.

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What I needed was a more biblical perspective…a biblical understanding of the role of motherhood in my life, not just my role in my children’s lives. 

Today, on the podcast Stacey Thacker and I are exploring just what a more biblical perspective on this looks like, and the difference it can make in the life of a weary mom.

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