{New Podcast Season} Getting to the Root of Weariness

Weariness tends to resurface over and over again throughout motherhood, and in this season, we want to help you learn to recognize it for what it is, understand why you’re feeling it, and identify ways you can be refreshed. And we’re not talking about a day at the spa, or a cup of whatever warm drink you prefer…although those things aren’t bad. The problem is that they’re temporary, and moms today need a permanent source of hope.

Thankfully, Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker offer exactly that in their new book, Unraveled: Hope for Moms at the End of Their Rope.

All this season, Brooke, and special guest, Stacey Thacker, look beyond the surface to what’s actually causing our weariness, by exploring three main roots:

Root #1: A Misunderstanding of the Role of Motherhood.
Root #2: Hiding Behind Pride.
Root #3: Choosing Weary over Worship.

And finally, the last week of May, we’ll share a bonus episode where Brooke reads chapter six of Unraveled for you. It’s called, “When the Gentle Words Won’t Come,” and it covers an issue almost ALL moms struggle with from time-to-time—mastering their emotional response toward their children.

Tune in now to any of the released episodes, or order your copy of Unraveled!

Listen to the season intro here:

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Unraveled: Hope for the Mom at the End of Her Rope

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