{Root of Our Lack of Peace} #4: A Lack of Prayer

Prayer is relationship with God. But prayer is also a way we can fight battles.
Years ago, God showed me that I had been fighting against my sons. I wanted to be on their team…and I wanted them to know and feel like we were on the same team. God showed me that praying for them was literal war on their behalf. Somehow, God uses our prayers to further His will, so praying for our children, for those we love, is fighting FOR them instead of against them. This is still one of the most powerful lessons God ever taught me, and I continue to believe that my prayers for my children have and will shape their lives because God asked me to do it. The answers to those prayers, may not always look the way I envisioned, but I believe God isn’t finished. My prayers my even outlive me, and that gives me great peace.
If we have any hope of the kind of peace that outlives and outlasts the hard things in life, we have to learn to talk to our Savior.
Join me and Stacey Thacker on the Million Praying Moms podcast as we unpack reason #4 that believers experience a lack of peace…a lack of prayer.

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