BONUS PODCAST: Answering Your Questions About Fight Like a Boymom

In today’s bonus episode, Brooke and Erin answer your questions about the Fight Like a Boymom program! If you’re thinking about joining this online program for moms of hard-to-handle boys, here’s your chance to get all of your questions answered, like:

▪ What age is it designed for? Are my boys too old?⁠
▪ How long should it take for me to get through?⁠
▪ How long do I have access to the program? I’m not ready to get started right away.⁠
▪ And others…⁠

We’ll answer all of these, and more! Don’t forget, Fight Like a Boymom is on sale now through March 6th for just $29! That’s OVER 50% off the cost of the program. On March 7th it’ll go back up to $65, so get in the program today!

Tune in here!

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Fight Like a Boymom is ON SALE for OVER 50% off through March 6, 2020! Click here to get started!

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