Root of Impatience #5: A Lack of Trust in God’s Plan

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It is so hard to be silent before the Lord and wait on Him to act.

Psalm 37:7 says we should wait patiently, like we believe with all our hearts that God is about to move. I don’t about you, but I think I’m more likely to wait impatiently—grumbling, complaining, and struggling to believe God is going to come through somehow.

In my heart, I’d love to be the kind of woman who is full of faith in the God who can. I want to be someone whose overflow is trust, faith, and joy, but the truth is that I have to work for those things.

I think it’s the more common human experience. In fact, I think long life‚ maturing and growing in our faith as we face adversity and challenge—is the classroom where faith, trust, and joy are learned.

This week, on the Million Praying Moms podcast, we’re talking about learning to trust that God has all things covered…even the things that come out of left field and make us feel shaken to the core.

This episode is a reading from day eight of  Everyday Prayers for Patience.

Today’s show is brought to you by our newest 30-day prayer journal in the Everyday Prayers library, Everyday Prayers for Patience.

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Grace to Grow: A 5-Day Study of Patience and Prayer

Everyday Prayers for Patience

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