Everyday Prayers for Patience


There’s an old joke that says, “Don’t ask God for patience. He’ll answer by testing yours.”

I don’t know that God is sitting around in heaven just waiting to test our resolve, but parenting, and the Christian life itself, is fundamentally built on trusting something we can’t always see…a master plan that reveals itself little by little and often takes turns we couldn’t predict.

But it’s possible to learn how to wait for God’s perfect timing, even when it seems like we’ve been waiting forever. In this thirty-day devotional and reflective journal, you’re invited to consider that patience is:

  • Getting to know Jesus
  • Knowing the cost of salvation
  • Loving through the hard
  • Seeing God in all things
  • Confidence in what we can’t see
  • Waiting with expectation
  • Trusting God with the fight

Everyday Prayers for Patience: Giving Yourself and Your Kids the Grace to Grow includes Bible verses on patience, space for journaling, and questions for deeper reflection. The prayers will help you seek God’s heart to discover surer ways to have patience with your children and yourself. Your life and theirs can become beautiful reflections of His great patience with us.

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