Root of Impatience #1: Not Understanding the Cost of Salvation

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Are you afraid to pray for patience?
Since I started talking about our newest prayer journal, Everyday Prayers for Patience, I’ve realized that many people are afraid to pray for patience. I think this stems from years of hearing people warn against it. It gets a bad rap, doesn’t it? All my life I’ve heard people say, “Don’t pray for patience. God will answer by testing yours!” We’ve almost trained ourselves not to ask for patience from the Lord, despite the fact that most of us need it on a daily basis.
We need others to GIVE us patience, and we need Divine help giving it to those we love (AND those who drive us crazy 😉 but we won’t ask for it.
It’s my experience that half the battle in overcoming this fear is learning what true biblical patience actually is, so this week we’re going to start getting to the root of our impatience by discovering why it’s so important to REALLY understand the cost of salvation, and what impact that has on our ability to trust God’s timing. Your own salvation experience has such tremendous value to the Kingdom of God and to your children. The devil might want you to forget that, but mom, your life is the biggest and best testimony of God’s grace your children will see for the first 18 years of their life. Your life influences them the most, and it’s absolutely vital that we moms understand it.

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Today’s show is brought to you by our newest 30-day prayer journal in the Everyday Prayers library, Everyday Prayers for Patience.

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Grace to Grow: A 5-Day Study of Patience and Prayer

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