{Praying Mom Live} How to Heal Your Heart After Tragedy

Join me and Stacey Thacker as we share a very personal story, given to us by Tracey Lane, mother of Jarrett Lane, who was killed in the Virginia Tech Massacre of 2007.

Tracey allowed me to interview her for a chapter inside of Unraveled: Hope for the Mom at the End of Her Rope, where she shared 4 truths for being able to recover from profound tragedy. It’s HER story of how God prepared her, and walked with her through the most terrible loss of her life.

If you want to read the entire story, download Tracey’s entire chapter in Unraveled absolutely free. We asked Harvest House, the publisher of Unraveled, if we could do this, because it is a message for such a time as this, and they graciously said yes. Download it for yourself below by entering your email address, and then take action and share Tracey’s story with another mom who needs to heal. Keep offering healing friends, and trust God to be true to His Word.

💚 Brooke McGlothlin

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