{Praying Mom Live} Are You Reading Your Bible (& Praying) Right?

Wow. What a wonderful, uplifting, inspiring conversation with JL Gerhardt, author of the new book, Look to Love: A Better Way to Read the Bible. I first came across JL’s work when I discovered her husband’s podcast, Holy Ghost Stories, and felt very much like we spoke the same language. When I realized that her book was all about loving God, and how looking for love inside of God’s Word could change the way we read it, I knew I had to share her with you.

Why? Because if the way we’re reading scripture needs to change, it will affect the way we pray scripture.

In today’s Praying Mom Live episode, JL and I talk about her experience of falling in love with God, how that changed the way she sees the entire world, including motherhood, why Christian culture finds talking about loving God strange, and how to take the first steps toward this new kind of relationship.

I hope you’ll join us!

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