4 Reasons You Should Join the 30 Days of Joy Prayer Club!

We officially start our time together praying God’s Word for 30 days on March 1, 2022! But maybe you haven’t made up your mind whether to join us? Here are four reasons you really should! And now, before it’s too late!

1. You get the Prayer Journaling Jumpstart FREE!

The Prayer Journaling Jumpstart (PJJ) will happen via email. When you sign up for the upcoming 30 Days of Joy Prayer Club (beginning March 1) you’ll automatically receive the PJJ in your inbox Monday through Friday morning leading up to Prayer Club (Feb 21-25). We want to set you up for prayer journaling success, so each day will include a (very) short story + a journaling tip designed to help you make the most of your commitment to Prayer Club. At the end of the email, there will be a chance to connect with the larger Prayer Club group on Facebook.

We haven’t offered the PJJ in YEARS, so take the opportunity with us to roll up your journaling sleeves, along with your Bible study sleeves, learning to combine them for the very best end result!

2. We’re combining the power of scripture & prayer for a powerful infusion of joy!

Journaling is powerful. Science tells us that the human brain has a deeper, richer experience of a thought or idea if we write it down. It’s even proven to help us remember those ideas better! Combine journaling with prayer and Bible study and 💥
At its heart, Everyday Prayers for Joy is a prayer journal, and we’ll be using it as our main guide during the Prayer Club. It isn’t just a book on joy. It combines the power of prayer, specifically praying God‘s Word, and the truest understanding of what joy is for believers in Jesus, to produce real change. Studying God‘s Word is wonderful. It’s alive and active (Hebrews 4:12). Praying God‘s Word adds an entirely different dimension as we ask God to make His Word true in our lives.

3. You get to spend 30 days with like-minded women of prayer!

There is power in linking arms with like-minded women and working toward a common goal. If you are on a pursuit of biblical joy, take advantage of the wisdom and experience of other women in the same spot. Who knows how God will use them as a part of your story!

4. You can use the Prayer Club as a small group study! 

Each week, Gina Smith (author of Everyday Prayers for Joy) will be going live inside the the Facebook group where we’re hosting the Prayer Club (along with occasional guest appearances from me) to go to a deeper level on that week’s topic. We will also host live prayer sessions throughout, taken from your requests during our time together.
These are ready-made opportunities to gather a group of women in your home, or at church to talk about what God’s teaching you, and pray together for deeper biblical joy. There are even verses for deeper study, and reflection questions that can be used to promote group conversation. It truly is ready-to-go! All you need to do is order your prayer journals and invite your friends!
We can’t wait to get started, first with the Prayer Journaling Jumpstart (delivered via email February 21-25) and then our first ever Prayer Club, using Everyday Prayers for JoyWE START MONDAY! So don’t miss this chance to get signed up!

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