Is it biblical to walk through life alone?

Is it biblical to walk through life alone? How does community impact our faith?

When my children were young, and I still worked outside of the home, I spent some time as a Bible study leader in our church’s women’s ministry. What we found was that no matter what time we held Bible studies, it was hard to get women to come. Stay at home moms wanted to come in the morning. Working moms had to come on the night and weekends, but everyone found it a hard choice to spend time away from their families.

This is an important conversation, because we are so very busy these days. In fact, moms are so busy that community usually takes the back seat, or gets neglected altogether.

Join me and special guest, Erin H. Warren, as we get the answers we talk about the role of community, and what the Bible has to say about living out our faith alone.

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