A New Direction for the Million Praying Moms Podcast


There are over 200 episodes of the Million Praying Moms podcast, dating all the way back to May of 2019.

We have really been through it together, haven’t we? When Erin Mohring, the co-creator of Million Praying Moms, and I first started this endeavor, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. We only knew that we loved working together, encouraging moms to be faithful in prayer for their children. Most of our episodes were very long interviews, or dialogues between the two of us, bantering back and forth, laughing at ourselves and with you, and hoping to share solid information you could use. Over the years, we’ve tried various formats, from weekly episodes, to seasonal episodes. We’ve taken long breaks as we needed them, because we are, after all, moms with children still in our homes. It’s amazing to me to think that when we started this podcast, my children were 11 and 13. No one had even had a driver’s license, and now my oldest is in his first year of college, and my youngest is getting his license any day. SO much goodness has been shared in this space…maybe for me more than anyone else. I’ve learned from some of the very best. I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that having the privilege of being in the same space with some of the men and women I’ve shared with you has shaped my entire parenting journey. I hope it’s done the same for you.

But now, almost five years in to this endeavor, I feel the Lord moving us in a new direction, and I would love to take just a few minutes to tell you about it.

Our mission at MPM is to help moms make prayer the first and best response to the challenges of motherhood. Every single thing we do here points to that mission with a very simple goal to just get moms praying God’s Word. That’s it. That’s the whole goal. I want to you pray. Specifically, I want you to pray God’s Word, because I know that if you begin to search it for your child it will change you to look more like Jesus.

I believe the work we do here at Million Praying Moms is generational work, and friends that excites me like nothing else.

To think that God gives me the great honor of sharing His heart for prayer, and that it might just impact one mom to pray…and that THIS one thing could change everything, not just for her family, but for her children’s family, and beyond. Well, as the Psalmist says, “This wondrous knowledge is beyond me. It is lofty; I am unable to reach it.” Suffice it to say that apart from my ministry to my own family, this work has been, and continues to be one of the greatest privileges of my life.

I know it sounds like I’m quitting, and I’m not. Hang with me a second. I just needed you to know how much each and every one of you who have been here with me through this mean to me. I put enormous amounts of time into planning for something I hope and pray God will use in your life, and I think, because I try so hard to stay in tune with God this way for You, that He’s made it clear that we need to do something different.

So, starting this month (March 2024), we’re going to move fully into a new season on the MPM podcast. We’ll also be changing into a new name for the podcast. We’ll move from just being the Million Praying Moms podcast, to be Everyday Prayers with Million Praying Moms.

Why Everyday Prayers? For several years now, we’ve been publishing a series of prayer journals called Everyday Prayers. That, combined with the every weekday format of the new podcast made the title seem like a perfect fit!

This is our new image!

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Beginning March 4, 2024, we will offer you daily prayers, Monday through Friday. The format of this show will change pretty drastically. Each episode, from start to finish, will most likely and intentionally be about 5 minutes long. It will include a brief introduction, a scripture or passage of the day, a short devotion based on that scripture or passage to help apply it to our lives, and then a scripture-inspired prayer for that day. My hope is that it will provide each of you with a way to start your day in God’s Word in an audio format, and end that time praying God’s Word for yourself and your family.

I just want you to pray God’s Word, so that’s what we’re going to begin doing together.

Starting in March, when you tune in to the podcast, you’ll hear me refer to it as Everyday Prayers with Million Praying Moms, and the new image above will show up on your podcast player to reflect this.

You’ll hear devotions and scripture-inspired prayers from some of the most sincere, gospel-oriented, Bible loving moms I know…

Kate Battistelli, Erin Mohring, Sandra Peoples, Becky Daye, Brooke McGlothlin, Michelle Krol, Stacey Thacker, Teri Lynne Underwood, Tara Cole, Juie Kieras, Katie Westenberg, Monica Swanson, September McCarthy, Gina Smith, Christie Thomas, Suzanne Gosselin, Melanie Young, and more!

But there is one more change that’s coming.

Starting today, we’re going to provide you with an opportunity to get the devotions and prayers for each day in written form! Some of our listeners have suggested that they would really love the opportunity to print out and save the devos and prayers that mean the most to them, so we are happily making this available to our faithful Patreon members! Every day, inside of your Patreon account, you’ll get the devotion and prayer of the day in written form. But at the beginning of each month, you’ll also get the entire month’s list of prayers in a prayer calendar format. These prayer calendars have been a hallmark of this ministry for over a decade. Some of you have been getting them and using them to pray for your families faithfully for over a decade. They are good. And they are worth it. And you can get yours automatically delivered each month when you support the podcast through our Patreon for just $5 a month.


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Get Your Prayer Resources Now!

If we all join together, we can ensure that moms keep getting the encouragement they need to grow in their relationships with God, and become devoted praying moms. Please consider supporting us this way. Again, you can learn more about our Patreon by clicking here.

So, to recap, starting next month (March), a devotion and prayer every Monday through Friday and a name change to Everyday Prayers with Million Praying Moms.

Make plans now to join us!

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