Introducing Everyday Prayers for Joy!

Would you take a minute and get excited with me? After almost 2 YEARS of praying, Prayer Journals are BACK, and I’d love to tell you the story!

For several years, producing prayer journals for moms was the heartbeat of all we did at Million Praying Moms.
Then, Covid.
Just prior to the world shutting down, we moved production of our beautiful prayer journals to China. And, you guessed it, when things shut down, we couldn’t get them. The ministry lost money, and we could no longer provide you with THE item we most loved creating. It was sad. Honestly, we almost didn’t survive it.
I had personally fallen in love with our prayer journals, specifically our “Think, Pray, Praise” method of daily prayer. It just speaks to my heart, and helps me articulate what’s in my heart, measuring it against God’s Word. To say I missed it was a gross understatement. I’ve missed it terribly for almost two years.

Several months ago, my literary agent sent me an email and told me there was a publishing house interested in working with MPM on a series of prayer journals.



That’s what I said, ok screamed, out loud when we got the news! I’ll spare you all the details of what happened in between, but will say this: God made a way where there wasn’t one.

PRAYER JOURNALS ARE BACK! And while they might look a little different on the outside (gorgeous, really), the heart on the inside, as well as the, “Think, Pray, Praise” method of daily prayer, is the same.

One difference you’ll notice, if you were a regular journal user of ours before, is that instead of having only one devotion per week, there is now one every day. 30 devotions, 30 daily prayer pages…the perfect start to your 2022!


Everyday Prayers for Joy, the first of 3 new prayer journals releasing in the next calendar year, is written by our Prayer Mentor at Million Praying Moms, Gina Smith (I wrote the foreword), and includes biblical teaching on joy, the prayer of lament, and how to use the Think, Pray, Praise Method of Daily Prayer. It also features extra verses for deeper study, and questions for reflection you can use personally, or that are perfect for small groups studying and praying together.

When you pre-order the book before December 31st, you’ll receive several fantastic bonuses:

1. Two bonus chapters not included in the prayer journal. 50 Ways to Teach Your Children About Biblical Joy, and 15 Prayers of Lament (the biblical way to tell God how you really feel).

2. Audio prayers from the book, read by Gina…like having a prayer mentor pray scripture over you and your families. Such a gift!
To take advantage of these bonuses, just pre-order your copy of Everyday Prayers for Joy and fill out the proof of purchase form by clicking here. They will be delivered to your inbox on or before December 31st 2021.
Celebrate with us? We’ll be back over the coming weeks to tell you even more about this great new prayer journal. Don’t miss it!

P.S. Pre-Orders Matter to Us

If you’re thinking you’ll probably grab a copy (or 10 😉 of Everyday Prayers for Joy, I would ask you to do me a personal favor and pre-order them right now. Pre-orders matter to us tremendously. It moves the book’s rankings up in online stores, making it more visible to other moms who might need the hope of the gospel literally dripping off of each page.
P.S.S. Don’t forget to fill out the proof of purchase form after you buy your copies so you can get the bonuses!

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