{Root of Our Lack of Peace} #3: Not Building a Firm Foundation

So often, the reason we lack peace in our lives…the kind that stays with us through the best of times and the very worst of times, is because we haven’t built a firm foundation. And no matter how many times I hear people say, “please don’t tell me I need to spend time in God’s Word…I don’t need another item on my to-do list…” the reality is that there’s only one way to build a strong relationship with God…and that’s through the reading of, study of, and praying through God’s Word. It requires time to to understand and know God’s Word. It requires even more time to know it to the point that when the storms hit, our reflex is to turn TOWARD it, not away from it.

Join me and Stacey Thacker on the Million Praying Moms podcast as we unpack reason #3 that believers experience a lack of peace…not building a firm foundation.

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