{Bits of Brooke} 5/18/22

This is the true story of how I keep my sanity, balance, and peace.

Years ago, when I first started writing, I wanted a publishing deal so badly that it consumed me. I felt, in my heart, that if I couldn’t get one, I would never be a “real” writer. Never mind that God had given me the opportunity to minister to women. I admit with shame that at that time, it wasn’t enough for me. I felt I HAD to get published to be legit.

I’ll save the whole story for another time. It’ll be enough to say that God stripped me down to bare bones, allowing me, in His KINDNESS, NOT to get what I wanted. I was rejected over and over, as many writers are, and then, God allowed me to be split wide open from a series of deaths, ending with a miscarriage.

As painful as that was, it put everything in perspective. I realized, quite beautifully, that God had already given me everything I NEEDED. Anything else He might provide was over & above.

So I started over, and my heart’s desire became to just be faithful to what I already knew God had called me to do, and trust Him to bring me the right opportunities in His time. Several months later, God provided Bethany House, and I’m so grateful that I waited on His best.

Why share this?

Because this way of living doesn’t just apply to writers. I’ve embraced it on my greater faith journey, and watched God be faithful over & over.

If you are struggling with:

A dream that isn’t coming true…
A difficult relationship…
A child who seems lost, or just more difficult than the others…
A marriage that isn’t what you signed up for…
Financial struggles that seem to be out of control…
Needs that continue to be unmet…

Be faithful to what you already KNOW God has called you to do, even in the smallest of things…and trust Him to provide at just the right moment.

He will.

💚 Brooke McGlothlin

P.S. There are pieces of my story I didn’t share here in all of my books. If you’d like to read them, start with Praying for Boys, then Unraveled, Hope for the Weary Mom Devo, Gospel-Centered Mom, & Praying Mom. I think this order will let you see how God has blossomed me from pain to hope. Find them all here.

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