8 Things to Pray When the World is in a Health Crisis

Over the past few days I have had several discussions about how to respond to the current health crisis, mostly with moms who have young children. “Is it wrong to be fearful? I feel foolish for feeling this way!” is what I am hearing most from these moms. My answer to them? No. It is not wrong to be fearful. It is normal.
But as Christians, what do we do with our fear?  Even though it is a normal human response, how do we keep from allowing fear to control us?

We look to the Word of God, soak ourselves in His perspective, and cling to His promises.  

After my conversations with these precious moms, I felt led to write some things to pray, supported by God’s word, that might help us all to focus on God’s promises while we do the practical things necessary to protect ourselves and those we love from this crisis.

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