The I Surrender Prayer

This morning, before I even get out of bed, I will speak this morning mantra over my heart. I call it my  Gospel Affirmation, because if you’re going to speak something over yourself every day it might as well be the truth of the Gospel, right? Let’s start our days focused on Christ, not ourselves.

I don’t really need to remember who I am. I need to remember the Great I AM.


I am weak. Lord, You are strong.⁣
I have questions. You have the answers.⁣
I will make mistakes. You make beauty from ashes.⁣
I am broken. You specialize in restoration.⁣
I will fall. You will uphold me with Your Mighty Right Hand.⁣
I will rejoice, because You made this day.⁣
I will work at my calling with all my heart as if I’m working just for You.⁣
I will let my light shine, pointing others to the light of Christ.⁣
I will offer grace, because You gave grace to me.⁣
I will love, because You first loved me.⁣
I will forgive, because You are forgiving.⁣
I will not fear, because You are faithful.⁣

Today, I might fail, but I’m on the winning team. I surrender my hopes, dreams, pains, needs and victories to Your Sovereign hand. Make me useful to Your Kingdom today, O Lord, and may this day in my life bring glory to You.”

Bring heaven into the ordinary moments of your day.

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