#001: The Future is Male and Female: Why parents of boys and girls need each other.

You’ve probably heard or seen people using the phrase “The Future is Female.” We don’t buy that. We ARE 100% pro-woman, and we DO love the progress that’s been made that gives women more freedom to go where God leads, but we also believe God made us male and female on purpose because we need each other. And because it brings Him the most glory.

Here’s the back story about how this became an important issue for us:

As you may know, Erin and I have all boys. And even though we ARE girls, we’ve found that it’s pretty easy to get consumed with the problems and perspectives our BOYS bring to the table, and forget, or just not pay attention to the things that girls are struggling with today. The other day, as we had a conversation with Teri Lynne, we had a realization: we were only looking at half the picture. As we spent some time listening to Teri Lynne talk about the things girls are going through these days, the way the culture is affecting them in specific ways, how it’s impacting their emotions and insecurities, it helped us better know how to disciple our boys through the things they’re dealing with. It was the whole picture instead of just a piece.⠀⠀

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Praying for Girls

Praying for Boys

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