Your #1 tool for growing into the mom you’re meant to be (and why it matters)

Want to know the #1 tool that has helped me grow more into the mom I’m called to be?

It’s prayer. Developing a vibrant prayer life has been the BEST, #1 tool for my growth as a mom.

You might be thinking, “Brooke, I’m not that worried about my growth. I’m worried about these kids in my home. If they don’t change we might not make it!”

I get that, but can I challenge you a little bit today?

Let’s go back to Pre-Algebra (don’t worry, we’ll only hang out there for a second, and then put it back in our past where it belongs!). If you were paying attention at all in class 😉 you probably learned that A + B = C. Pretty simple.

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But what happens if you change either “A” or “B” in that equation? “C” changes, too, right? You can’t add A + D and still get C. Neither can you add X + B and have C as the outcome. It just doesn’t work that way.

The same thing is true of parenting. Your kids DO need to change and grow and mature into the humans God created them to be.

But, and here’s the challenge for you today, SO DO YOU.

Sanctification, or becoming more and more like Jesus, is the goal of the Christian life. It simply means becoming more mature in your faith. Where you are right now as a woman of God, mother or not, will not, should not be where you are in 5 years, 10 years, or even next month. The nature of the Christian life is that we keep on growing until God takes us home.

In other words, your growth matters.

Even if you have hard-to-handle children—the hardest of hard—you have to grow before the equation in your home is going to have a different outcome. In reality, there’s very little we can control in this life except ourselves, and we can learn to do that well.

Whenever you’re ready, here are four ways we can help you take control:

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