20 Prayers for High School Seniors

One year ago, I was praying for my high school senior.

In a season of lasts that comes before a season of so many firsts, I made sure to take in every moment. And before we go any further, let me assure you mamas, that the next season is good. The one you’re in may feel painful right now, and that’s OK, but the next one can be filled with pride in who your son or daughter is becoming. Watching them soar, and, let’s be honest, fail a bit here and there, is one of the gifts of what’s to come. The main thing is that you get to be there for it all.

One of my personal motherhood goals has been that my children would never know a day that wasn’t covered by my prayers. 

Even if they don’t understand how powerful that gift is right now, they know it’s happening, and there’s peace in it for them, a comfort and feeling of safety knowing I’m prayerfully protecting each step, partnering with God for their paths.

It is a privilege to pray for our children, especially in this important season of their lives. 

More important than taking all the right pictures, watching all the events, picking out a tux or dress, navigating testing and college applications, sending the announcements, or planning the graduation party are the prayers we pray for our children. They’ve always been important…since the time before they were born, through their childhood years, the tweens and the teens. But there is something different about the prayers we pray we they launch into adulthood. 

They have more purpose, more passion, and sometimes, more desperation. We need God like never before. 

  • To direct their paths.
  • To keep them safe.
  • To mature their faith.
  • To stand in the face of temptation.
  • To protect them from evil.

I’ve pulled together some of the verses or passages from the Bible that inspired my prayers for my son during his senior year (and really still do as a college freshman). Here are my two personal favorites:

Psalm 37:23

May my child’s steps be established by the Lord, and may he/she take pleasure in God’s ways.

Proverbs 15:33

Father, may my child fear You and be wise and humble,

You can download the rest of the prayers by entering your name and email address below.

Feel free to use the senior prayers any way you’d like. There’s no right or wrong way to pray these prayers. Here are some ideas;

  • Print them out and frame them.
  • Tape them to your bathroom wall.
  • Send them one-by-one in a message to your child.
  • Or, take the challenge to post a prayer and a picture a day on social media and help spread the word that prayer is the most important gift we can give our children.

Take the Senior Prayer a Day Challenge!

Every day for five days, choose a favorite picture of your senior. It can be a recent photo, or a photo from their childhood. It’s up to you.. Then, choose a prayer from this list and share it with the photo. Lastly, tag another mom or dad of a senior and ask them to take the challenge, too.

Here’s what your post could look like:

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  • Email

Here’s your script:

Million Praying Moms Senior Prayer Challenge, Day One

Every day I will select a photo of my senior, post the image, write a prayer for my senior, and then nominate someone else to take the challenge. That’s 5 days, 5 photos, and 5 prayers.

May Jennifer walk worthy of the calling she has in Christ (Ephesians 4:1).

Today, I nominate (tag a name).

For sample prayers for your senior, visit www.millionprayingmoms.com/seniorprayers

It’s as simple as that! Every day, you simply select a new picture, copy and paste the script above, change the day, and select a new prayer from this list. Of course, you would switch out your child’s name where I have “Jennifer.” I would be so happy if you’d tag Million Praying Moms on whatever social media platform you’re using, and also share the last sentence with the link to this list so that others can benefit from it like you have.

Prayer is the most important, but most overlooked part of Christian parenting today. Let’s fix that together!

Brooke McGlothlin

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