Scripture Prayers for your Anxious Child

High stress and anxiety run in my family. I know, doesn’t it seem to run in all our families nowadays? 

How is it that as one of the wealthiest nations on earth, we are one of the most stressed out nations on earth (The American Institute of Stress, 2022)?

There are a lot of reasons like social media, pressure on students, the pandemic, and relationships. Limiting our children’s (and our!) exposure to some of those things is helpful. I’m right there with you trying to figure out how to best navigate helping my kids use tech wisely and juggle all their school responsibilities. 

But let’s go straight to the heart of the issue, where are our eyes focused? 

When our families begin to focus on Who God is and Who we are in Him, it helps keep the rest of life in perspective. 

When our kids are anxious about making friends or what others say about them, knowing they are precious and honored in God’s sight changes their mindset. 

When our kids are anxious about how a test or project will go, knowing they’ve done their best with what God’s given them and leaning into His strength changes their attitude.

When we don’t know where the money for next month’s bills will come from, knowing God is our provider changes our outlook.

This month let’s pray for God to help us keep our focus on Him and what He says so our anxiety will turn to adoration and trust.  

Scripture Prayers for Your Anxious Child

Isaiah 25:1

Father, may we praise you for the works you have done and the plans you have accomplished. 

Isaiah 26: 3-4

Father, may you keep us in perfect peace as we fix our thoughts on you and trust you. May we remember that you are the eternal Rock. 

Isaiah 43:4

Father, may we remember that you gave Christ in exchange for us. Not because of anything that we did, but because you say we are precious to you and honored in your sight. 

Psalm 146:6

Father, may we remember that you made everything in heaven and earth and are a promise keeper. May this knowledge calm our anxious hearts and bring us peace. 

Psalm 91: 14-16

Father, may we look to You as our rescuer, protector, and provider, and place our trust in You.

Anxiety is at an all time high in our teenagers. One study found that the number of girls who often felt nervous, worried or fearful jumped by 55 percent over a five-year period. And while anxiety might look different in boys, it is still very much there.

Our children are experiencing an all out war for their peace. An epidemic of anxiety.

In Praying God’s Word for Your Child’s Anxiety, by Becky Keife, you’ll pray for God to work in your children’s hearts to:

  • Learn to recognize anxiety for what it is…
  • Keep their eyes on Jesus…
  • Find sure footing that withstands the storm…
  • Know who they are in Christ…
  • Let go of the need to control…
  • And gain compassion, understanding, and the ability to find peace for your own heart.

With biblical teaching on anxiety, and scripture-inspired prayers this digital prayer guide is perfect for the busy mom who needs God to move in the hearts of her kids.

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The mother of three active boys, Tara L. Cole teaches communication at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. Tara is passionate about helping moms and their kids deepen their relationships with Jesus. She’s the author of Everyday Prayers for the School Year, and her podcast, Over A Cup, helps women connect with Jesus throughout their day. Learn more about her at Connect with her on IG!

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