S6-E4: Lent is For Everyone (& It’s Not Too Late!)

Note: You might’ve noticed that we’ve changed the way we’re numbering our episodes. A little over a year ago, before Covid, we moved to a seasonal format, releasing new seasons in packages of 6 episodes. Then, Covid. As Erin and I scrambled (along with every other mother) to figure out how to have our kids at home full time AND run this ministry, we decided that all we could personally handle was releasing one episode a month. And we’ve done that for several months now. 

As you may know, on Monday, March 1st, we’ll be kicking off a new WEEKLY feature on the MPM Podcast called Prayer Mentoring Mondays, where Erin and I take turns interviewing Gina Smith, our MPM Mentor Mom, on topics of importance to Christian parents. Our goal is to talk about them through the lens of the gospel, and help you tackle them in prayer…all in about 10 minutes. In order to create some kind of organization with multiple kinds of episodes (Erin and I are still doing the longer episode once a month) we decided to go BACK to that seasonal format. SO, this episode is part of season SIX (which started in January). Season SEVEN will begin in April, and start over again with episode #1 (i.e. S7-E1). Make sense? GREAT! Ok, on with the show!

Wait. Didn’t Lent start a week ago?

Well, yes. And that’s kind of the point of today’s show. Erin grew up observing Lent, and I (Brooke) didn’t. But we’ve both found meaning and purpose in it in our adulthood. I like Lent and what it means for me and my family, but personally, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in book edits (yes, we’ll be making a new book announcement soon!) and I’m behind on absolutely everything. But Lent is not about legalism, and it isn’t too late to start!

Join Million Praying Moms (Brooke McGlothlin and Erin Mohring) as they help you understand what Lent really is, how it can bless your family, and share specific resources (see below) your family can use to participate!


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