Introducing Everyday Prayers for Peace

Peace is not the absence of pain. It’s the practice of the presence of God.

It doesn’t have to depend on what’s happening around us. Peace is not just quiet, although it can be that. Peace is an internal state that belongs to us as children of God…Jesus followers…that was sealed and called indestructible the day we gave our lives to Christ. Literally nothing can take it away!

Why? Because the scriptures say Jesus Himself IS our peace.

Inside Everyday Prayers for Peace, by Brooke McGlothlin, we’ve chosen verses to help you put into practice the art of allowing your eternal peace to trump momentary attacks against it. Take the next 20 days to pray these scripture-inspired prayers back to God for yourself and your children, actively journaling what He’s teaching you through our well-loved, “Think, Pray, Praise” method of daily prayer, and see if you don’t emerge with a deeper, more biblically-based sense of peace with God and the world around you.


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