How to Our Digital Products on Your Kindle or Kindle App!

Did you know you can send our digital prayer journals right to your Kindle, or Kindle app, and have the prayer prompts with you wherever you go! If you don’t have a Kindle, you can grab one here, or download the Kindle app for free on any device!

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Just a few easy steps…

1. Make sure the PDF version is downloaded to your computer.

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2. Log into your Amazon account.

3. Click on “Your Content and Devices.”

4. Click the “Devices” tab.

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  • Email

5. Find the device to which you want to send the PDF.

6. Click on the three dots to the left of that device’s name.

7. Find the email address listed in these details and copy it.

8. Send an email to that email address with the PDF attached to it.

9. Open your Kindle and allow that file to download.

10. Open the PDF and start praying!

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