{Bits of Brooke} 1/13/22

I started praying because I wanted God to change my family.

He ended up changing me.

I was asked recently why I believed God gave me hard-to-handle-boys (remember the #mobsociety? It was “those” boys who brought me to my knees in prayer to begin with. And yes, they still keep me there, even though they’ve grown up and matured so much). I came up with 3 answers:

1. It gives God the most glory. And I may not ever know why. It just does or He wouldn’t have done it. My kids (yours) are not a mistake.

2. God wants young men who may struggle as children with impulsiveness, aggression, or endless energy to grow up and be Kingdom men who can make quick decisions, be bold, and not grow weary as they serve (it’s our job to shape and mold, not change. God changes).

3. It’s what I needed for my own personal sanctification…what brought the sin in my heart out so that God could address it and make me more like Him (work in progress, for sure).

#1 is the reason.

#2 is the passion for my partnership with God…what fuels the understanding of my motherhood mission.

#3 is my personal gain.

Fighting for my boys in prayer (and I know there are moms of “those” girls, too. You guys are just as valuable, and this applies to you, too) has been the biggest way I accomplish #2, but it has also been the method God used in the work of #3. And in the end, it all contributes to #1 💚

If you are just joining me and the Million Praying Moms family, and don’t really consider yourself a praying mom, welcome. Today is a great day to take the first step in what may just define and direct your entire life. If you’ve been with us a while, let this reignite your passion for prayer. Take your kids to the One who has all the wisdom you’ll ever need.

💚 Brooke McGlothlin

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