{Bits of Brooke} 4/25/22

I wish you could smell the picture below.

The flowers behind my hand are lilacs, and their aroma is just intoxicating. This morning, they’re reminding me that no matter what I mess up today, they’re still going to smell amazing tomorrow.

Constancy brings hope.

Knowing that God’s creation will continue to produce beauty, even and especially after harsh weather and storms, brings hope. I’ve lived here long enough to know that barring emergencies, this lilac bush is going to light up my senses each spring. I’ve walked with God long enough to know that even if I mess up, there are new mercies coming.

“Allowing for the work of the Holy Spirit in our heart to change us more into the image of Christ takes time. Most of us experience success in small measures. If we mess up, there’s new mercy for tomorrow. As long as there’s a desire to love Jesus more than we love our sin, there’s hope for change.

Today, even if things have’t gone the way you planned, hold out that flicker of hope, just enough to propel your feet forward in one more step of faith.

It matters to God. It matters to those around you.”

💚 Brooke McGlothlin

This post was excerpted in part from the new Unraveled: Hope for the Mom at the End of Her Rope. To get a free sample chapter, fill in your email address below.

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