A Prayer for Wisdom in the Moment

Have you ever been in the middle of an ordinary situation, whether all alone or perhaps at a more social event, and sensed God’s quiet voice nudging you in one way or another? Maybe a warning as simple as, do not say what you’re about to say, or don’t eat that. The question is, what do you do when it happens?

~ Monica Swanson

Do you choose God’s voice over excuses or justification? If so, this episode of Everyday Prayers with Million Praying Moms is for you. Tune in now to listen to today’s entire devotion and start your day off praying God’s Word for your family!

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About the Author

Monica Swanson is a popular blogger, host of the Monica Swanson Podcast (formerly the Boy Mom Podcast), and author of Raising Amazing, and Boy Mom, and Becoming Homeschoolers (5/7/24). Monica and her husband, Dr. Dave, live on the North Shore of Oahu where they have raised four sons (3 who are now legal adults! – and a 13-year old still home, homeschooling).  The Swansons raise tropical fruit and spend a lot of time at the beach and on the golf course (Luke, 18, is a professional surfer, and Levi is an avid golfer.) Monica loves to cheer on families to grow deep connections to God and one another! Learn more about Monica here.

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