A Prayer for Freedom from Fear

Whatever valley of doubt, worry, or fear we walk through, God has always gone before us! He opens doors of stone, shines light in the darkness, and sends messages to guide us as we continue to seek him.

~Julie Kieras

Tune in now to listen to today’s entire devotion and start your day off praying God’s Word for your family!

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About the Author

Julie Kieras lives in Connecticut with her husband and two sons, a teen and a tween! She’s a former English teacher-turned homeschool mom, and she loves gardening, baking, poetry, and camping-as-long-as-hubby-clears-all-the-spiders-first! Her heart is to encourage moms in their God-given purpose of lovingly directing young hearts to Him. The author of several devotionals and a book of retold fairy tales, Julie also writes about parenting and homeschool life on her blog, happystronghome.com. In her spare time (what’s that!?), she’s discovered a love for creating printable homeschool resources on Canva. Her books and printables are available online at Happy Strong Home.

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