3 Conversations to Have Before They Leave Your Home

All this month, we’re focusing on the launch season…preparing our hearts for it, knowing what to expect from it, and navigating it with grace. I am so excited to have this conversation with my friend, Melanie Young, because I happen to know that she enlisted her grown children, who are home from college right now, to help shape what she’ll be sharing with us about conversations we need to have with our kids before they leave our home.

You’re not only getting HER wisdom as a mom of 8, but also the wisdom of kids who have lived through this season with her. What conversations did they appreciate most before launching?

Tune in now to find out!

Today’s show is brought to you by our newest Prayer Guide, Praying God’s Word for Your Child to Launch, by Gina L Smith.

Whether your child is graduating, headed to school for the first time, the last time, or any time in-between, starting a career, marriage, or family, your desire is for them to launch well. Everything you’ve done has been an effort to point them in the right direction, and set in motion the ability to make right choices, take right paths, and be righteous before God.

But there comes a time when prayer is the best action you can take. Join me today as we pray God’s powerful Word back to Him on behalf of our children using key verses and passages that speak to the idea of launching into the next season, whatever it is, well. Learn more here.

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