Psalms Prayer Calendar, Part 3


This prayer calendar is the perfect combination of comfort and real, gut-wrenching prayers. The Psalms (Part 3, chapters 73-106) remind us of Who God is, and give our hearts strength to keep believing when it seems like the world is falling apart.

And if all is well in our worlds, the Psalms prepare us for when it isn’t.

Directions for Participation:

  1. Set aside a few minutes a day to follow the daily prayer plan on the prayer calendar print out. Share about what God is teaching you each day on social media if you’d like using the hashtag #praytheword.
  2. Journal your prayers inspired by this month’s prayer calendar inside of your digital copy of My Book of Prayers. My BOP, a robust blank prayer journal, is the perfect compliment to your prayer journal! Print out your copy and handwrite your prayers, leaving a legacy of prayers for your family to treasure forever!

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