Everyday Prayers for Special-Needs Moms


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Parenting children with special needs, learning disabilities, or mental health challenges can feel overwhelming at times.

We struggle to make the best decisions for their needs, we worry about how they will fit in with others, we are anxious about what the future will bring, and so much more. When you experience these challenging seasons of parenting, you can remember these truths:

  • Your child is fearfully and wonderfully made
  • God has a purpose for your child and for your family
  • He will use your circumstances to grow your faith in Him

In Everyday Prayers for the Special-Needs Mom, you’ll spend twenty days in prayer with a mom who gets it. Author Sandra Peoples is a special-needs sibling, mom, and ministry leader. She has been where you are and has found strength for each day and hope for the future. If you need encouragement on this unexpected journey, join Sandra as she shares Scriptures that have a message especially for moms like us, guides you through a prayer based on each passage, and encourages reflection through helpful questions. No matter what age your children are or what diagnosis they have, the truth of Scripture can speak to your situation.

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